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In the kingdom of Facebook we always use our new system covers and comments pictures to describe status of every one, sometimes we need to say one word for someone, sometimes we need mercy or lovely word from our lovers and this is a good way for that , Don’t forget “open each pic in new tab to see it with the full dimensions”

Yellow Smileys

Facebook Cover Photos For Your Timeline View

The new Facebook Covers Photos is great addition from “MARK” to complete the desire to show our status, for me i need always to say bad words for my friends in my Facebook Cover and that makes me happy, now all can change their cover timeline photo to make your timeline more suitable to your feelings and whole status, however sometimes we need to close the status by black covers



New Facebook Covers 2014 for high styles

here we can find all what you can think in your cover style as i show boys and girls covers, Sports Facebook Covers and more more than you expect for that great system, sometimes i see girls like my firend Sara put her Facebook Cover photo and Profile Picture as one line or one style as example your profile picture is part of cover photo and so you can invent more of that is you are one of perfect designer for Facebook Cover Timeline Photos to make all surprise


Facebook Cover Photos with Profile Pictures

i mean with that as i said before as Facebook Covers and Profile Pictures are considered one piece or apply of one idea, however you can make them linked by another ways as someone in Cover Photo points to you in your Facebook Profile Picture and i saw alot of ideas in that line, so you can choose what you want in this field and prepare your mind to make great show



Facebook Cover Photos in WWE shows

you can also add your favorite wristler to your Facebook Cover Photo and this move to all you want from actors, singers or favorite movies posters, and this always happen in new movies in cinemas for favorite actor and here John Cena is perfect example for our favorites in Facebook Covers and i wait your favorite actors or wrestler here



Coloured Facebook Covers For All Modes

Finally, we can choose our Facebook Cover Timeline Photo according to its colour as i know many of us prefer black colour especially in sad mode, also some girls use pink and rose colours for showing love status and you also can choose your favorite colour in suitable Facebook Cover , Let me see



Winter-Wonderland winter-facebook-cover-t2 winter when-i-see-you-smile-stomach-butterfly-facebook-cover we-love-daddy-written-on-feet-cute-kids-love-cute frog-sunglasses beautiful wazzup-piggy-angry-birds-facebook-cover wedding cover loading coverTwo-Heart princess ice-age Valentine Day Facebook Covers (10) walt-disney-brave-pixar-movie-cool-facebook-timeline-covers truth-about-smoking-facebook-cover the-name-michael The-Matrix-Reloaded the-matrix-choose-red-pill-blue-pill-facebook-cover ted-movie-angry-facebook-cover stylish-boots-fashion stylish-cover-pictures-girls-5 stylish-girl-facebook-cover_large Stylish 7 Facebook Timeline Cover strawberry sports-car-facebook-cover_156381 spongebob-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb spongebob_and_patrick_facebook_covers sky-walker-standing-on-the-tip-cool-facebook-covers-dangerous-photography snow_family_winter snow_man snow-heart-in-gloved-hands-ice-cool-facebook-timeline-covers Spiderman-movies-facebook-covers-timeline-fbpcover toxedo snow-heart Romantic-Meeting-FB-Cover-Photo Romantic-Love-Facebook-Cover-Photo romantic-facebook-timeline-cover2stylish-kareena-kapoor Superman-Facebook-Covers-1608Red-Rose remember-summertime-wallpaper-for-facebook-covers-1592-44 reservoir_dogs_cover_1 road_summer_facebook_covers_timeline romantic-couple-hello-kitty-and-cardboard-box-facebook-timeline-covers Red-Love-Facebook-Cover red-bull-energy-drink red-1-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb romantic-cover Rainbow-without-rain-Facebook-Covers Pink-Panther-2 pink-stylish-car black-and-white-sunglasses Rainbow-Crayons Rainbow-Keyboardpeace_love_music_facebook_covers Pink_Beats_Music_9 pink_zebra_print Pink-Flowery-Sunglasses-Facebook-Covers-979 pink-heart-facebook-cover pirates of the carribean mustang_timeline_cover_28 neon_headphones-851x315 new_kids_on_the_block_alley depressed one shrek movie-ice_age_4 Music-Facebook-Profile-Timeline-Cover romantic-cover cat viewingsunglasses Matrix-Facebook-Cover michael-jackson-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb michael-jackson-glowing-blue-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb michael-jackson-king-of-pop2-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb Love-Facebook-Covers-Wallpapers-11 Love-Flame love-hearts-red-coffee-cups-facebook-cover Love-Puzzle-Facebook-Covers justin Lonely-Road-Facebook-Covers-2167 lonely-yellow-umbrella-facebook-timeline-cover,1366x768,67088 Love26 love_kids Love-converse-shoes-couples-facebook-coverdance kids sunset red hearts live-in-the-moment-wild-girl-misc live-love-laugh-facebook-covers coloured life lamborghini pink car krrish 3 kids kiss b and w love meaning islam cover justin bieber 2 justin cover married womani love you amazing view miss you inception poster tom cruise cover love and hate cat watching you pink building kissing horses hello pink halloween Angry Halloween Pumpkins party lights moon girl with red heart sunglasses 2 cloud hearts togetherstrip and pencil jessica cover green nature remember simba poster greek word ghost rider black and white girl stylish girls red car matem Fly writing ford car yellow apples angry funny enestein crazy froganother poster for up movie faith view yellow cool sunglasses fashion photos fast & furious Hretic Roshan mickey mouse in amazing view exercise mini motocycle glasses with HD wiew hearts sunglasses anime movies stopped heart  smile nowsea nature flying colours facebook-cover-all-the-cool-funny many ballons guitars Flies on Facebook jerry cover my monkey Einstien with some words eminem dance dancing cool girls stylish girl your father eight painting kids3 baby cats girl singing 5 kids with finger glasses mini panda spongebob happy Converse 2 red for girls Cat with glasses balls with glasses romantic fingers hands coloured to catch Coloured Nature glasses for vision fantastic nisan car perfect car motocycle yellow love with fingers white car camera style camera canon coverheadphone black and white Boo picture Love in black and white romantic guitar shining blue guitar angry papers from one snow style happy cover Beach lovely style batman style A letter so romantic night good nature photo anime girl hitting anime boy 2 bananas sleeping it's me music with apple beautiful anne quiet anime girl apple fixed now michael jackson angry cat in black and white photo Red Face yellow lines allah namei miss you yellow car yellow cute chics black and white guitar music romance white and black tiger Black horse justin-bieber romantic man 99 allah names names of allah in one word rain oil painting Chess facebook cover dance-music full princess panda anime white horses running panda father justin1 ECG drawcoloured converse 2 fired hands red covnerse Up movie poster


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